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The development of precision medicine is based on the in-depth mining of personalized clinical information. The Celnostics® platform provides clinical researchers with multi-Omics integrated analysis solutions, which can effectively capture target cells in complex liquid samples. Through these high-dimensional samples, clinical researchers could analyze complete information about cell characteristics, proteins, genes, nucleic acids, etc., and could accurately describe a medical atlas, providing the most comprehensive foundations for decision making.

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Right on the spot.​

Accurately capture the target bio-particles from a large number of noisy substances. High-quality cell purity and cell-friendly technology can effectively reduce the multi-Omics analysis bias. High quality of cell purity and cell-friendly techniques can reduced the Multi-Omics analysis biased and detected the targeted cell accurately.
  • Cell sorting accuracy:1-102cells from 108cells
  • Cell sorting purity: >98%
  • Cell sorting survival rate: >95%
  • Automated workflow
  • Intelligent imaging analysis

Light on the spot.​

The non-contact optical separation technology, Light-Induced Force Electrophoresis ( L.I.F.E.), and image tracking & identification technology can accurately manipulate and sort multiple target biological particles at the same time. These patented technologies effectively solve the traditional contact collision injuries, shear stress and other cell loss factors. The WYSIWYG feature ensures that the most natural state of samples can be completely preserved, such as cell clusters, cell morphological polymorphism (pleomorphism), etc, which reduces the sorting bias caused by size aisle.

Celnostics G2 Monitoring System Process

  • With the build-in dedicated reagent settings, the users can use the optimized detection conditions by scanning the barcode.
  • Automatic workflow, automatic cleaning process, and instrument hardware inspection. Reduce the time for users to learn to operate the instrument, and free up research time for researchers.
  • The intelligent image system detects and screenshots the cell simultaneously and the report will be released right after the system finishes operating. Through the review system, the statutory reviewers can easily confirm the report file.


Cell Therapy Development


Precision Oncology


Prenatal Testing

單一 B 細胞篩選流程,次世代自動化工具

Antibody Discovery

Celnostics® Intelligent Screenshot
(Data releases automatically after the system finishes operating)

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