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Company Vision

Accompanying a lifetime commitment, popularize precision medicine and benefit the general public.
The goal is to become a world-class, health care monitoring medical material manufacturing company.

Ace Medical Technology is a company dedicated to metal sputtering technology and specializing in the production of its own products and processing in the early stage. In 2016, we applied our specialized metal sputtering technology to the research, development, manufacturing and production of various electrode test strips, and officially entered the medical device industry. In 2017, a lot of resources were invested in cooperating with academic units to expand the detection technology to the field of cancer detection and develop products with high stability, high quality and high application.

Company Mission

Precise automatic, Cell friendly
Biotechnology innovation, Brand value

Ace Medical Technology has a strong and complete team, with members covering professionals in the fields of biology, medicine, machinery, electronic control, software and intellectual property. In addition to meeting the general requirements of the market, we insist that product quality must be higher than market standards. Therefore, in addition to ISO13485, TAF, GMP, CE and other related certifications, Ace invests a large number of PhDs and manpower with more than 20 years of relevant experience in the industry in R&D and production. It takes R&D to support production and production to improve R&D as the company’s goal. Products must reach the highest quality ”Ace” in the market. Ace Medical Technology is an international company. With offices and personnel in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and with the global patent layout of product technology, the products are exported to the world. At the same time, under the trend of popularization of medicine and cancer, it is the social responsibility and mission of Ace to manufacture cost-effective products that are affordable to the general public and to commit to popularizing cancer detection and prognosis.

Development Path

In 2018, in view of the advancement of medical technology, various technologies that can improve the speed and accuracy of medical identification flourished in academia but cannot enter the Taiwanese industry immediately. Therefore, Ace Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established to integrate scientific research and manufacturing process experience and develop various In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) system electrode bare chips and rare cell counting and purification separation instruments. Traditional biomedical sensing uses screen-printed carbon electrode test strips due to manufacturing process and cost considerations in blood testing. However, the new international standard ISO15197:2013 for blood glucose test strips has been implemented in June 2016. Due to the requirements of manufacturing process and material characteristics, carbon electrodes can no longer meet the requirements of the new standard based on the original production cost.

Therefore, blood glucose (including blood) test strips have gradually turned to the mainstream development direction to metal electrode test strips.Ace Medical Technology applies the existing cost-effective roll-to-roll sputtering equipment and its back-end products to the biomedical industry. By combining the stable and fast roll-to-roll sputtering process with nanotechnology, and optimizing the back-end laser engraving process, the cost of the produced metal electrode test piece is close to that of the carbon electrode test piece.

The rare cell counting and purification separation instrument is developed for the medical liquid biopsy or liquid section market. The equipment is divided into testing instrument and semiconductor coated biological chip. By integrating biology, optical identification and coating process, technically it has achieved the ability to purify specific target cells with high viability. Coupled with an automatic identification and automatic purification system, it will help medical inspection and monitoring of rare cells and be used in precision medical analysis and diagnosis. It also contributes to the development of basic research in general life sciences.

The head office of Ace Medical Technology Company was established in Hsinchu Science Industrial Park and established a production plant in Taoyuan City. An industry-university cooperative development unit was set up in the Chang Gung University Incubation Center. The research and development of the high-purity and very small cell purification and separation device won the 15th National Innovation held by the National Biotechnology and Medical Industry Strategy Association. The production plant has passed the ISO13485:2016 medical device quality control system certification, and has the complete capability of developing new products and manufacturing.


Jointly developed and technically transferred the ”non-contact cell separation chip” technology with the academic community.

  • March / Obtained a Taiwanese invention patent for ”Non-contact tumor cell sorting”.
  • May / Cooperated with academic research to develop ”non-contact friendly cell sorting automation system” for industry-university cooperation.
  • June / Obtained a Taiwan invention patent for precision sputtering technology for composite metals.
  • November / The R&D team won the ”15th National Innovation Award”.

  • March / Selected as ”Assisting Traditional Industrial Technology Development Project” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • April / Publication of the invention patents in Europe, Japan, the United States, China, and Korea for the separation and purification equipment and chips for rare cells in blood.
  • July / Obtained a Chinese invention patent for composite metal precision sputtering technology and technology transfer ”micro 3D bionic cell culture” technology.
  • September / Obtained a full 3D bionic culture microenvironment US invention patent and a mini 3D bionic cell culture chip set and system US invention patent.
  • November / Obtained a micro 3D bionic cell culture chipset and system, a full 3D bionic culture microenvironment Taiwan invention patents, and a US invention patent for non-contact rare cell sorting.
  • December / Passed medical equipment ISO13485 certification.
  • January / Passed TAF laboratory certification.
  • April / Established a cooperative relationship with the Industrial Technology Research Institute on product development.
  • May / Obtained a US invention patent for composite metal precision sputtering technology and completed the intellectual property authorization with Health & Life Co., Ltd.
  • June / Completed product distribution authorization with MGI.
  • July / Obtained GMP and established a COVID-19 sales partnership with General Biologicals company.
  • August / Obtained the Taiwan trademark of Celnostics products and established a COVID-19 memorandum of cooperation with Medigen Biotech Corp.
  • September / Passed product GMP certification and officially released AceZin gold electrode blood glucose detection system in Mainland China
  • August / 連鎖通路佑全藥局合作上架。
  • October / 正式推出寵物血糖機,全世界第一款寵物專用黃金濺渡試片並參加寵物展。
  • November / 參加亞洲生技大展。
  • December / 大樹寵物旗艦館上架。
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